Traits Tab

Many pro traders have described their pain point of having to leave an NFT marketplace before purchasing a token so that they can do a deeper analysis of that token's traits before buying.

Our Traits Tab hopes to solve that. We have two main components on the Traits Tab - the Traits Table, and the Traits Filters.

You can first filter for the traits that interest you, and then view the resulting table to see some stats about those traits that might inform your purchase.

Traits Filter

Here's an example of using the search bar and filtering by three Traits across two Trait Types:

You can also sort by four factors to quickly cut through the noise:

And then you can view the resulting Traits Table to see some stats about those traits that might inform your purchase:

Traits Table

The Traits Table has a few interesting columns that may be worth mentioning:

Rarity -- the frequency of that trait's occurance in the collection and a tag. The tags are Legendary (0.5% and below), Epic (0.5 - 5%), Rare (5-10%), Uncommon (10-50%), and Common (50% and above).

Impact -- the impact of this trait as a feature in our neural network (AI model). The higher this number is, the more responsible this trait is for affecting the NFT's overall appraisal value.

After analyzing the traits of a prospective NFT or using these trait features to find an NFT to buy, pro traders may be ready to make a purchase.

We've tried to craft a purchase flow that saves you as much time and ETH as possible. See Multi-Token Purchase.

Have any strong thoughts on any of our features? Hop in our Discord and let us know :)