Filtering Tokens

After discovering a collection via the search bar or Featured Collections page, you'll arrive at the Tokens Tab for a single collection.

Tokens Tab

This Tab allows you to view the Activity of the collection, filter by your own criteria, and view the resulting token cards.

We want Pro Traders to be able to sift through token cards at a high level and in depth - both at a glance. In order to do this, we've crafted a new card that differs from existing marketplaces and aggregators.

The Card

We've chosen 4 metrics to display on every card.

  1. Price
  2. Discount
  3. Last Sale
  4. Rarity Rank

However the cards you're viewing don't mean anything to you if they aren't within your budget, don't meet your bar of having certain traits or being a certain tier of rarity, and even just being listed for sale. That's where filters come in handy.


We have 6 filters that allow you to quickly sift out the tokens that matter to you in a collection.

  1. TokenId - entering a tokenId (i.e. 935) and hitting Enter will open up the Single Token Modal for a more in-depth analysis on the token.

  1. Traits - multi-select from a collection's traits. If the collection has too many trait types and traits, you can collapse the accordion of trait types. You can also filter the traits by Lowest Floor, Highest Floor, Least Rare, or Most Rare to sift through the noise.

  1. Price - a price range slider inspired by Airbnb that shows you the distribution of tokens that are currently listed within a collection and allows you to select the price range you care about.

  1. Rarity - rarity range slider with the x-axis showing the rarity rank from 1 to n (n is the collection supply) and the y-axis showing the (OpenRarity) rarity score of the tokens in that bucket. The Note that we have 20 buckets, so each bucket has n/20 tokens, where n is the collection supply.

  1. Buy Now - once checked, you'll only see listed tokens that you can purchase immediately through Atlas. Expired listings are tracked and excluded.

  1. Sort - allows you to sort by Best Value, Price (High to Low), Price (Low to High), and Highest Last Sale. The Best Value tokens have the highest Discount metric, which you may recall from the Card section, is calculated as (appraisal - listing) / listing.

You're able to layer as many filters on top of each other as you want. But how do you know if there's a hot new listing that's you should jump at? Enter the Activities Feed