Multi-Token Purchase

Pro traders often care about two things most: time and making money. We've tried to focus on those two things in our purchase flow.

We're excited to mention that our Aggregator Contract is the cheapest to use in the world. For benchmarks against Gem, the previous industry leader, see the Aggregator Contract section.

Now let's look to how we've tried to make our purchase flow as fast as possible.

Purchase Flow

In our purchase flow, you can quickly "Buy now" by simply hovering over the token's card.

To batch buy, you can multi-select the circles in the top-right of a card.

One thing to note is that we've intentionally decided to skip building a Cart. Instead, you can single or batch-buy tokens directly from a collection's view as mentioned above and exit the purchase flow modal while the transaction is processing.

You can then start browsing other collections while your purchase is pending, you'll be notified once it's complete as follows:

Now that we've covered an end-to-end flow on how to discovering, filtering, analyzing, and buying tokens, we can now get into some feature that are unique to Atlas πŸ‘€ in the Advanced Featured Section, starting with NFT Appraisal.