Liquidity & Risk Analysis

We previously covered the current and historical appraisal of a token in our Valuation Chart, and how confident our model is about those predictions in our Confidence and Likelihood Chart.

We've found that traders often have a large pain point. Whether they need to liquidate an asset soon to put into a higher-ROI investment, or even sell immediately for a variety of reasons, sellers often find themselves leaving money on the table because they don't understand the liquidity of that particular token and collection.

This is why we built our Liquidity Chart.

Liquidity Chart

Our Liquidity Chart shows the discount a user would have to accept in order to sell the token within that time frame.

These charts will typically be increasing, as you're more likely to come across a better deal the longer you wait - as both a buyer and a seller.

If you're now convinced that Atlas is where you want to purchase your tokens from, you're in safe hands. We'll talk about our unprecedented Aggregator Contract that saves you both money and time in the next section!